Whatsapp Chat Backup Without Wifi

To recover the chats you have to set up your WhatsApp account. 10232020 Download and install iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer on your PCMac and connect your device with computer.

5 Actionable Ways To Restore Whatsapp Messages Of Iphone

12192019 It seems that we cant make a WhatsApp iCloud backup without WiFi.

Whatsapp chat backup without wifi. Once the app is updated you can launch it and try taking its back up again. Enabling this allows iOS to take backup with the cellular network when not connected to Wi-Fi. Go to WhatsApp Settings.

Its weird that it doesnt ask for the permissions when attempting auto-backup. 682018 Open WhatsApp go to Settings. This folder contains all the text chats and media files.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to Android via Local Backup Local backup is the automatic backup of your chat history to your phones WhatsApp folder that occurs daily every 2AM. 8212017 Click on Settings. Click Account and choose the account you want to backup the history.

11262019 Last but not the least the WhatsApp chat backup stuck issue can happen if you are using an outdated version of the app. To restore Whatsapp chats launch WhatsApp on the target device. Moreover you can change the connection you want to backup and this how to go about it.

Whatsapp will then ask for the appropriate permissions. 732019 In your phone go to your whatsapp menu settings chat backup and then press backup ie now. Back Up Now to backup WhatsApp chats.

6222017 Take WhatsApp Backup Using Mobile Data On iPhone Launch Settings and select Cellularmobile data. To quickly fix this just launch the Play Store on your phone look for WhatsApp and tap on the Update option. There are more than 850 million users of this cloud storage tool.

Copy this folder and paste it in your PC by connecting via USB. But even the name should set alarm bells ringing because Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology that has nothing to do with the internet. If you are already using WhatsApp then uninstall it and download it again.

Next choose your backup device and click Back Up Now. Settings go to chats and then Chat Backup. The folder is located in your devices internal memory or external SD card.

All you required is Wi-Fi or internet connection to continue. But in some cases we need to back up the important WhatsApp data we received even if our iPhone does not have a wifi connection. You are in the middle of a WhatsApp Chat and your internet connection gets cut off or disrupted due to some reason.

Go to Settings. Send WhatsApp Messages Without Internet Connection. The Offline Messages feature in WhatsApp that allows you to send WhatsApp Messages Without Internet Connection can be useful in the following cases.

9112019 At first launch the MobileTrans on your computer and from its home visit the WhatsApp Transfer section. Heres the mac as an example Select Backup option on the side toolbar. You can also include videos in backup only if you wish.

The stored files stay secured that can be accessed from any device. Then press on the green BACK UP button. Instead of abruptly ending.

Tap the three dots options button. Use iTunes to backup When we cant store WhatsApp data to the iCloud server you can still back. Tap chat backup for your backup options.

WhatsApp Bluetooth Messenger is a way to use WhatsApp without internet connectivity. 182021 Select Chat Backup Youll find chat backup near the bottom of the page next to an icon in the shape of a cloud. 722020 Starting off the first thing to do is to generate a new backup file on your old phone.

Go to the phones internal memory and you can find a folder named Whatsapp. Depending on your chat history and Internet speed it might take few minutes to backup WhatsApp Chat using mobile data. The next time when you wanna restore copy this Whatsapp folder from your PC and paste it in your phones internal memory.

Is there any choice to backup WhatsApp data under this situation. Thats a wrap everyone. You should note however that when you change the Google Account it would not be possible to have access to your backups.

Have you ever heard someone say Hey guys. This will ensure that our backup includes all of the recent chats and we do not lose any messages. It can backup WhatsApp chats daily.

Connect your device to the system and go to the WhatsApp section of the application. From the provided options click on Backup WhatsApp Messages feature. ICloud is perfect for backing up all the relevant phone data and WhatsApp chat.

To create a backup open WhatsApp on your old phone and go to Options. 1132020 Open the Settings menu of WhatsApp tap on Chats and calls and then tap Chat backup. Head over to the bottom and toggle the iCloud Drive switch to On.

422016 How to use WhatsApp without internet.


Whatsapp Chat Backup Via Pc

Tap on 3-dots menu icon and select Settings option in the drop-down menu. Once you have opened the WhatsApp conversation tap on the three-dot icon from the top and select More.

Cara Backup Chat Whatsapp Google Drive Kartu

Back Up WhatsApp Chat to PC There is an app called Sync which is available for Windows Mac Linux and Android.

Whatsapp chat backup via pc. 7312020 Backup WhatsApp Messages to PC with Default Settings By connecting your Android device to your PC using USB cables you can easily export and therefore Backup your WhatsApp data to your computer. This is very easy to set up and not much time consuming as well. 4 minutesAs we can notice social media has been an essential part of our daily life.

8292016 There are two ways of restoring WhatsApp data on Windows PC. Search Faster Better. Use iTransor for WhatsApp to Backup WhatsApp Chats to PC A highly viable option when it comes to backing up your WhatsApp chats on a PC is the iTransor for WhatsApp application.

Connect your phone to your PC and the software will. Ad Find Computer Storage Backup. Ad Online Computer Backup Service.

Support preview and selective restore of data. You can easily use this software to back up WhatsApp chat to PC. Follow these simple steps to do.

2122019 The best solution to backup WhatsApp chats from iPhone to PC Backup and restore WhatsApp from iPhone to computer without any sort of hassle. 4262019 Install Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer on your PC and launch it. If you didnt have a backup of WhatsApp refer to Method 1 and apply EaseUS file recovery for help.

9162019 The second option is to backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to PC via a third-party tool. 11132013 Backup WhatsApp to PC via CopyTrans Contacts If you need to save your WhatsApp chats to computer in a readible format that you can print out later CopyTrans Contacts is by far the best solution to backup your WhatsApp chats. For those who would use WhatsApp frequently the security of the data is a critical aspect.

10232020 The process to export chats from WhatsApp on Android is pretty similar as well. Ad Online Computer Backup Service. MobileTrans lets you easily transfer WhatsApp history and chats as the transfer is not restricted.

1 day ago Reading Time. It depends on whether you have created back up of WhatsApp data or not. Export WhatsApp messages or attachments of iPhone in HTMLExcel format to your computer for faster use or further usage like to get them printed.

If you have created a backup of the lost files you can follow Method 2 to retrieve WhatsApp from its backup. The services it offers are diverse in terms of the possible scenarios and the compatibility of devices. Ad Find Computer Storage Backup.

1222020 Itulah tutorial mengenai cara backup dan restore Whatsapp baik itu kontak chat dan file media foto video dokumen voice notes. From the Settings screen go to Chats. From business purposes to daily communications platforms like WhatsApp play an important role.

You can view your WhatsApp chats messages and transfer them to your PC. Tentukan metode mana yang paling cocok untuk kamu gunakan. Search Faster Better.

Bisa dengan memanfaatkan google drive atau secara manual alias offline dan menyimpannya di hard disk komputer PC laptop. Furthermore you can choose to email the WhatsApp chat and select a preferred email server from the list. MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer has a high performance when it comes to the backing and restoring data WhatsApp chats included.


Whatsapp Chat Backup Photos

If you want your WhatsApp videos included in the backup shift the toggle against Include Videos to the ON position. 11262019 If you are getting a WhatsApp backup stuck and not able to take a backup of your WhatsApp data then consider using an alternative first to save your data.

How To Backup Whatsapp Messages On Android And Ios 2020 Backup Whatsapp Messages On Google Drive Youtube Whatsapp Message Messages My Facebook Profile

Transferrestore WhatsApp data to your iPhone or Android devices.

Whatsapp chat backup photos. Back up iPhoneAndroid WhatsApp chat history including photos and other media files etc to a computer. Allow you to preview WhatsApp chats in the backup on your computer. 1232020 For starters theres no direct option to backup WhatsApp pictures to Google Photos.

All data that has been shared with your iCloud account except for videos that have been sent or received as of now in the backup. To restore that backup follow the steps mentioned below. While this is the direct method to transfer WhatsApp photos to Google Photos you can use with another form of backing up.

Main features of WhatsApp Transfer. The backup you made using the steps above will be stored in your iCloud account. That is why this application turns out to be so useful and convenient because it not only offers expedited and practical service but the information and photos are backed up on the Google Drive platform.

352021 21 Backup Whatsapp Photos. Turn on your iPhone or iPad. 11132013 Run WhatsApp on the iPhone.

Chats and turn on the Media Visibility option. If you install WhatsApp without any prior backups from Google Drive WhatsApp will automatically restore from your local backup file. Let you view the backup file and export stuff to computer or other phones selectively.

From there tap Chats to view your chat. Tap chat backup for your backup options. Export Photos from WhatsApp to PC.

12212020 As you can see making a backup of your WhatsApp chats including photos is a fairly easy and practical process which any user can do. 782019 From now onwards WhatsApp will use only your Wi-Fi to back up the data. Click on Export Selected in the top left corner and choose one of the formats that supports attachments.

Turn the Auto Backup option on if you want to enable automatic backup. Connect your phone to computer. WhatsApp will begin restoring your media files after your chats are restored.

Make sure youre logged in to the Apple account you want to save your photos in since WhatsApp will store your backup over the associated iCloud storage. Click Start Backup to download and copy all WhatsApp pictures messages chats and other data to your computer. Recover WhatsApp Photos.

1 Firstly open WhatsApp on your phone and tap the three-dot menu given on the top right corner. Videos from Auto-Backup As the WhatsApp would back up the latest data for you automatically you are able to restore them to your device. Each time you can only export one of the chats so if you are hoping to print all of the photos in WhatsApp it is impossible unless you do it one by one.

However you do have a workaround for the same given below. 492020 This chat exporting method provided by WhatsApp is often used to back up the messages but you can also export the media files including stickers photos and videos. Transfer WhatsApp chat between two different devices.

2152020 How To Backup WhatsApp Chat Messages and Photos On iPhone. And then head to Settings. 182021 Select Chat Backup Youll find chat backup near the bottom of the page next to an icon in the shape of a cloud.

Uninstall WhatsApp from your device. 5102018 When data is loaded go to the Messages tab click on WhatsApp and select the chat from which you want to save the pictures. Transfer WhatsApp photos to computer.

How to Restore WhatsApp Chat Messages and Photos from Backup on iPhone. Backing up all your WhatsApp photos messages voice messages and videos only to Google Drive may easily exhaust the online space. Also choose the folder you want to save your WhatsApp pictures to.

To set this back up you need to. Restore from a local backup. 4282016 As Google has implemented the full integration of Google Drive with WhatsApp you can backup all your WhatsApp photos and videos to this cloud drive seamlessly.

DrFone – WhatsApp Transfer. Videos – Standard Way Backing up the standard way involves using the WhatsApp for iPhones inbuilt backing system. 1132020 Now swipe over the Back up.

By creating a backup it will make a copy of your WhatsApp chat messages. To save WhatsApp images to computer you can choose the Backup option. PDF Word Web or Plain Text.

Download WhatsApp messagesphotos easily to any phone. For instance with the help of MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer it will take a backup of your chats documents photos videos group data or any other app-related detail. Sync toggle button to the left to automatically transfer or backup all the WhatsApp images to the Google Photos once they download on your account.

Open WhatsApp and select the Settings tab at the bottom. Navigate to Settings.


Whatsapp Chat Backup In Google Drive

Tap More options. 3202020 To back your WhatsApp data on Google drive from your android devices follow the given below steps.

3 Methods To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To Iphone Online Backup Whatsapp Message Backup

Kembalikan WhatsApp dari Google Drive ke Android Jika Anda sudah memiliki file backup untuk WhatsApp di Google Drive hapus instalan dan instal ulang WhatsApp di ponsel Android Anda.

Whatsapp chat backup in google drive. 11252019 Although WhatsApp lets us take a backup of our chats on iCloud or Google Drive the data cant be accessed readily by us. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Videos In One Click.

Instantly Backs Up 60000 Of Your Photos. The application can take an extensive backup of your WhatsApp chats to a computer with just a single click. Simak cara melihat cadangan WA di google drive di artikel ini.

9282020 Cara melihat backup WhatsApp di google drive ternyata praktis banget loh. Add the same Google account to the new phone that was used to perform the backup on your old phone. Instantly Backs Up 60000 Of Your Photos.

From the Chat Backup section scroll down to customize your backups. 942019 Access WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive via Restore If you dont want to get your hands dirty with Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp then you can access your WhatsApp backup on Google Drive using Restore. To restore your WhatsApp.

3122021 Tips about WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive Once you have backed up the WhatsApp files to Google Drive you can delete the files from WhatsApp to release more space. Videos In One Click. 7302020 From the next screen tap the Allow button to link your WhatsApp account with Google Drive.

Click the gear icon on the upper right and click Settings. Like the messages themselves chat backups are end-to-end encrypted for privacy reasons. 11252019 Disconnect From Google Drive Click on the Options button and press Disconnect from Drive.

To overcome this issue you can consider using a dedicated tool like MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. Note that you cannot. 11252019 While WhatsApp allows us to take a backup of our chats to Google Drive the backup is end-to-end encrypted.

Go to Google Drive via any browser on your computer and go to Manage Apps find the backup click the Options button and select Delete hidden app data. Why You Need to Backup Microsoft Office. 11132020 You can find your WhatsApp backup settings in Google Drive in Managed Apps.

Presumably for that reason Google Drive wont let you do much with the file except see that it exists. 12212020 Download from Gmail to Google Drive Once you are done with exporting chat the next step is to download the chat from Gmail to google drive to create backup WhatsApp to google drive on iPhone. Cara melihat backup WhatsApp di Google Drive ternyata sangat mudah.

5142020 How can I open my Google Drive WhatsApp backup. In order to restore a WhatsApp backup on Google Drive you have to use the same Google account and phone number used to create the backup. Now the setup process is complete.

Open WhatsApp and verify your number. Select the mail with chat and click download or click google drive to save the chat directly. Select the Google account youd like to back up your chat history to.

Back up to Google Drive. Masuk ke WhatsApp Anda menggunakan account yang sama no HP dengan yang Anda gunakan untuk membuat cadangan WhatsApp di Google Drive. 11302020 WhatsApp Chat Backup by Exporting Chat History You can also create a backup copy or transfer the location of your WhatsApp messages relying on the Export Chat function.

If you have an iPhone you can instead use iCloud to restore your account. It will disable the auto backup of WhatsApp data on Google Drive. 842018 Backup WhatsApp messages on your old device to Google Drive go to WhatsApp.

Install WhatsApp on your new phone. Usually WhatsApp keeps the last 7 backups locally on. Also make sure you are using the same phone number on the new phone.

Therefore even if you access the backup on Google Drive you wont be able to read it on your PC or any third-party application. In this way you can delete hidden app data and turn off the WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive. Tap the WhatsApp apps icon.

Also read How To logout from WhatsAp p from all devices. Dengan cara ini kamu bisa memastikan kalau proses pencadangan data percakapan kamu sudah dilakukan dengan baik atau belum. Google Drive only keeps the latest version of the backup so it is not possible to restore older ones.

To restore your backup. If you dont have a Google account connected tap Add account when prompted and. Open the group or individual chat on WhatsApp.

From the Chat Backup section tap the Backup button to start the backup process. Ad This Small USB Drive Backs Up All Your Files Into Your Computer Smartphone or Tablet. Select a backup frequency other than Never.

Ad This Small USB Drive Backs Up All Your Files Into Your Computer Smartphone or Tablet. 7152020 You can currently only back up your WhatsApp chats using Google Drive on an Android phone. That means that they cant be opened without appropriate cryptographic keys.

When prompted tap RESTORE to restore your chats and media from Google Drive. Scroll down to see WhatsApp Messenger.


How To Restore Whatsapp Chat Backup In Gbwhatsapp

If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. The backup you made will be in the database folder with file name msgstoredbcrypt12.

How To Backup And Recover All Whatsapp Chats In 2021 Icon Gif Animated Icons Instagram Logo

Just wait for the notification when the backup has finally been restored successfully.

How to restore whatsapp chat backup in gbwhatsapp. 5292020 If you find this site useful to support us by sharing this blog post to your treasured social media accounts like Facebook Instagram etc or you can also bookmark this blog page with the name Whatsapp Chat History Backup Restore Google Drive Android using Ctrl D to get computers with operating systems Windows or Control D for laptop devices with Mac OS. How to restore or backup data from yowhatsapp or gbwhatsapp to whatsapp. 1232020 Open any file manager on your phone and navigate to the GBWhatsApp directory.

Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Install GBWhatsapp on a new device and log into your account by following the process to back up the stored data. 1292019 The procedure is very similar if you want to create a backup in GBWhatsApp and restore it in the official WhatsApp Messenger although there some slight differences.

10292018 Open WhatsApp instead and press Menu Go to the chat settings and tap on the Chat Backup button. 2212020 To backup your chats on FMWhatsApp in order to recover them at any time or in another version of WhatsApp open the app and click on the three small dots in the upper right corner of the interface to open the options menu. Now Rename this folder from Whatsapp To GBWhatsapp.

12202020 Carefully follow these steps to do that. You can use our iCloud backup feature to back up and restore your chat history. 182021 How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chat History in 2021.

Tap on 3-dots menu icon and select Settings in the drop-down menu. 732019 Install original whatsapp again and restore your old chats completely. Once in the GB folder select database.

Once the backup has been completed just go to the Play Store and download the official WhatsApp app on your Android. Open any file manager on your phone and navigate to the GBWhatsApp directory. Firstly backup your WhatsApp by going to settings then Chats and then back up your messages.

Click the Restore button now and look at all your WhatsAppGBWhatsapp messages will be restored to your account as well as you will have full access to all your conversations. Open WhatsApp and verify your number. Then proceed with your GB WhatsApp installation and just restore your messages from your backup.

Go to GBWhatsApps settings. Once in the GBWHATSAPP folder select database The backup you made will be in the database folder with the file name msgstoredbcrypt12. This will download the complete backup from Google drive as a local copy.

Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history. From here you can take a backup of your GBWhatsApp chats on the local device storage. Back up to Google Drive option.

To restore your backup. All the backup files will be shown on your software interface and select the file you want to restore. When prompted tap RESTORE to restore your chats and media from Google Drive.

Open your file manager. We cannot retrieve any deleted messages for you. — from WhatsApp official website.

Now If you have whatsapp chats backup and you want it to restore in GBwhatsapp then Follow the below steps. 2112020 Simply press Restore to confirm restoring the backup. 652018 Open storage on your File Manager Look for WhatsApp folder then rename it to GBWhatsApp Open the renamed folder then tap Media Look for every subfolder that has WhatsApp and then rename and add GB to its beginning.

Press Next to be able to access all your chats from GBWhatsApp. From the Settings screen navigate to Chats. Copy the backup and move it to the official WhatsApp directory.

352019 Tap on the Restore WhatsApp messages to Android device. The process will take a few moments to finish When it has finished backing up to your GBWhatsApp and open it. 1142019 Firstly launch GBWhatsApp on your device and go to its Settings.

But the restoration time will depend on the size of backup file. Unless you manually backup WhatsApp you can easily lose access to important conversations or worse your. Open the app drop down the options menu and select Settings at the bottom of the list.

In the first place create a backup of your chats on GBWhatsApp. Open storage internal or external depends on where your device store whatsapp file and find the folder named Whatsapp. What a disappointing thing.

Just dont start the setup on the new application yet. After selecting the desired backup file click on the Restore button. Press the icon with the 3 vertical dots In this menu select Settings which is the last option.

11112020 Restore GBWhatsapp Chats to a New Device. Dont worry FoneDog provides you the method to recover deleted WhatsApp. 242018 WhatsApp chat histories arent stored on our servers.


Gb Chat Offline For Whatsapp Ios

GB Whatsapp Plus v625. 1282021 GB Whatsapp is a similar Apk of official Whatsapp for iPhone.

Gb Chat Offline For Whatsapp No Last Seen For Android Apk Download

WhatsApp Messenger the most popular instant messaging and chat application in the world.

Gb chat offline for whatsapp ios. Click the Restore button now and look at all your WhatsAppGBWhatsapp messages will be restored to your account as well as you will have full access to all your conversations. 982020 Review GB Whatsapp iOS. The official page of WhatsApp states that the messenger supports iPhones running iOS 9 or newer versions.

It will be on the bottom right corner of your mobile screen. IPhone users can achieve an offline status through a quick tweak to their. 3- grand notification permission.

Alternatively the W-Tools application can be used to achieve an offline status on WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp – The first step to appear offline on WhatsApp will be to open the WhatsApp messenger on your iPhone. Now you have to download the iOS file of this application.

Open Account – The next step to appear offline on WhatsApp. Dr Fone is an applicationsoftware which you can download on your PC. 322021 Fitur GB WhastApp iOS.

The number of WhatsApp MODs out there is becoming ridiculous to such an extent that it seems. In the case of Android the messenger works on the Android version 403 or above are eligible to run the app. Seperti yang tadi sudah dijelaskan GB WhatsApp Style iOS ini masih memiliki fitur asli dari mod GBWhatsApp.

Gb Chat Offline For Whatsapp free download – WhatsApp Messenger Whatsapp Web Windows App for WhatsApp and many more programs. Send WhatsApp message without appear online hide lastseen. This app authority has added many new features and made it better than the Whatsapp official app.

– Read notification access will let you receive and send messages easily. Select Storage and Data from the following menu. Open WhatsApp on the iPhone.

After downloading the iOS file of GB Whatsapp press the install button to install it on your phone. WhatsApp Messenger for iOS. Or you can click on backup to copy all the data such as chats and media in the internal storage memory.

GB Whatsapp Plus v625 is the Pro version of GB Whatsapp and feel free to Download GBWhatsapp Apk from Official GBWhatsapp Website and in this App we can find many features which are not available in the original version of Official Whatsapp. 1232019 How to appear offline on WhatsApp on iPhone. Get WhatsApp Messenger for iOS – Free Messenge and Calls latest version.

1- Open GB chat Offline for WhatsApp. GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – no last seen Android latest 59996 APK Download and Install. – In order to use GB Chat Offline you need to allow the app to access notification.

GB iOS X is a WhatsApp MOD for Android phones that emulates the appearance of this chat and instant messaging application on Apples mobile devices. Fitur Fitur GB Whatsapp iOS. WhatsApp Messenger allows users to send messages photos videos and locations without any charge.

11112020 Restore GBWhatsapp Chats to a New Device. 3202021 Backup GB WhatsApp with APK. Tap on Settings at the bottom tab.

152021 For iOS users Firstly you have to go to your browser presented on your iOS device. Oleh sebab itu di bawah ini ada beberapa fitur tambahan yang dimiliki oleh GB WhatsApp iOS. It is based on official and latest version of Whatsapp.

272019 810 3461 votes – Download GB iOS X Android Free. Melihat Pesan Yang Telah Dihapus. Mengubah dan Mengatur Tema.

Download GB WhastApp iOS. Namun di samping itu masih ada beberapa fitur khusus yang hanya bisa Anda temukan di dalam mod aplikasi WhatsApp yang satu ini. 372021 Popular chatting app WhatsApp has stopped supporting the iPhones running on iOS 9.

Install GBWhatsapp on a new device and log into your account by following the process to back up the stored data. WhatsApp full-featured messaging service can use WiFi connections going far beyond the basic calls and texts with amazing group capabilities and secure chats. Mobile data can be sketchy.

The report was published in the WeBetaInfo and said that the company is yet to update its FAQ page but iOS devices running on WhatsApp beta 22150 will not be able to use the messenger app. Open Settings – Click on the settings option. Open and launch the App.

Click on chat backup and do it. 12182020 Appear Offline on WhatsApp for Android. 9302019 810 6500 votes – Download WhatsApp iPhone Free.

Once you download this file then follow the steps to install it on your iOS devices. There are 2 ways to backup data in APK. WhatsApp is a custom version of WhatsApp for iOS devices with functions and features that dont appear in the original version of the chat application.

Appear Offline on WhatsApp for iPhone. Best App to receive. Backup GB WhatsApp with a PC.

After Banned the Whatsapp official Apk this Whatsapp GB became one of the best chatting messengers Apk for iOS in your country. This is a required step for the app to work. Log into the account by entering the number.

Android users who want to appear offline can do so by simply disabling their internet connection. Either you open the app and go to settings. 2- you need to allow all the permission.

It is green with white border icon. You can switch to GBWhatsApp from WhatsApp without losing the old data such as chat history and other files. Perbedaan Antara GB Whatsapp iOS dan Resmi.

Download WhatsApp Messenger App 22111 for iPhone free online at AppPure.