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Download WhatsaApp Mod New Fitur 2020

GBWhatsApp is the answer to questions about things that are not yet in the original WhatsApp. Let’s take a small example of the lack of subject change function, so the appearance of the app seems monotonous.

With GBWhatsApp, you can change themes very easily. Not only that, other interesting and interesting features are ready to use through mod settings that are already available.

Well, for those of you who would like to use this editing app, please read this article until it is done. I’m going to explain some important points you should know when using GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp features

This feature in GB WhatsApp has a fairly noticeable difference compared to the original Android WhatsApp. For more details, here are some comparisons between WhatsApp:


1.  Total sending documents in 1 times 100

2. Media size 50 MB 15 MB

3. Hide The Last View

4. Copy status

5. Share a PDF or text document

6. Language support

7. Send an empty message

8. Change the theme

This is a comparison between GB WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp. By looking at the details above, you can now select the whatsapp version you’ll use.

Download GBWhatsApp

Today, the GBWhatsApp (GBWA) version grows every day, similar to the rival WhatsApp Plus app. In the latest version, the features provided are also getting cooler, so there is no need to hesitate to use them.

Oh yes, although it has not been developed by GBMods Official since August 1, 2019, you will get regular updates because this app has been redirected by the next developer.

Well, here are some variants of the official GBWhatsApp that have been developed by new developers. Of course, the following applications are tested and can be used without problems. Please select as desired.

1. Fouad Mods ‘ GBWhatsApp

The enthusiasm of GBWhatsApp users from Fouad Mods (Fouad Mekdad) is actually very high. It is clear from the growing number of official members of the Telegram Group that were deliberately created to facilitate the upgrade process.

To be honest, I personally also really like to modify the Mod Team Fouad. Not without reason, not only interesting features, the released app is stable and minimal errors. So, we don’t have to worry about using it.

Oh yes, information only, the latest version of The Fouad Mods GBWhatsApp app is 8.45 (stable version). From its appearance, there is no doubt that it already uses user interface design.

Download Now

2. HeyMods GBWhatsApp

Another developer of GBWhatsApp that is at least up to date is HeyMods. By having a Telegram channel with tens of thousands of members, it can be explained if the modified app manages to attract many people.

As for this version of GBWhatsApp HeyMods, the latest version is 11.20.3 which is stable. In this way, usage will not be interrupted because the application contains minimal errors.

Like the previous GBWhatsApp app, the interesting features and appearance will also make your WhatsApp more successful. Are you interested in using it? Please download the app below.

Download Now

3. Sam Mods’ GBWhatsApp

Don’t rush too hard, there’s still a GBWhatsApp developer who has an army of hundreds of thousands in his Telegram collection. Yes, Sam Mods! Have you heard of him?

Among the users of modified applications, Sam Mods is known as a developer who often shares Mod applications. Not limited to WhatsApp, as other common apps often evolve.

For those of you who would like to try SAM Mods’ GBWhatsApp, please download it directly via the link below.

Download Now

4. GBMods GBWhatsApp

For those of you who have used GBWhatsApp for a long time, it may be a bit of a surprise to read the phrase “GBWhatsApp by GBMods”. Didn’t? The answer is because GBMods no longer develops GBWhatsApp.

As I mentioned earlier, the official GBWhatsApp has not been developed since 2019. I hope all loyal users can stay the same, that is, hopefully GBMods returns to GBWhatsApp again.

So, so far it has not been selected, we can not use GBWhatsApp by GBMods. But quietly, we can still use other versions of Fouad Mods, Himods, and Sam Mods Cook.

Of all the GB variants of WhatsApp above, please select the one you think is most convenient. Except for GB WhatsApp by GBMods yes because the application development has been stopped.

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