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Download Alight Motion Pro 3.4.3 New Full

Alight Motion Pro is a video editing app developed by Creative Alight, Inc. this video editor application is included in the list of the most downloaded video editing apps in the Google Play Store, which has about 5 million downloads.

Alight Motion offers complete tools for video editing to make it better to watch. Easily, you just need an Android smartphone to edit videos easily and without any fuss. Therefore, now edit the video so that it does not have to be of the highest quality with the computer.

This app is particularly useful for those of you who are diligent in making videos and uploading them to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Just through mobile, the video will look perfect and will be loved by the many social media followers who manage it.

Alight Motion Pro Comprehensive Review

Today there are many sparse video editing apps, both for PC and Android versions. This is common because of the large number of social media platforms that allow their users to upload and share interesting videos of their daily lives.

Video editing apps are also required by both vloggers and youtubers so they can make good videos in terms of quality and content. You should know that the uploaded video is not raw, also known to have been edited in such a way that it looks perfect.

The above reasons why Alight Motion is present on Playstore by offering a variety of video editing tools that are complete and easy to use only using a smartphone. Yes, you just need to issue an Android 6.0 smartphone or newer instead of a Computer with God’s specifications.

Through this Alight Motion app, you can edit videos by applying audio effects, stickers, tex, GIFs and more. You can also merge multiple layers into one at a time to create beautiful and stunning videos, and contain good content.

There are many other features offered by Alight Motion, but in the free version there will be watermarks on modified videos. For some particularly professional people, the presence of this watermark is certainly contrary to the brand and copyright they want to build.

If you don’t want a watermark on the edited video, you can upgrade Alight Motion to Alight Motion Pro. Well, from this premium version you can remove watermarks feeling a lot of features that you can’t get in the free version.

Upgrading Alight Motion to the Pro version definitely requires you to sign up and pay some money. The good news is that there is now a motion Alight modification, so you can get premium features, no watermarks without having to pay some money.

Premium features in Alight Motion Pro

There’s no watermark.

The first feature of the professional version of The Alight Motion app is watermark-free. This watermark will appear in the video you edited with the original version of Alight Motion. Well, if you upgrade to the pro version, the video you edit will be free of watemark.

No ads

If you can, most people would expect that advertising to never be as interesting as your presentation. The good news is that, in the pro version of The Alight Movement, you won’t be bothered by the frequent appearances of ads. Therefore, video editing activities can be smooth and uninterrupted.

It’s different from the original Alight animation, which will download ads and can appear every few minutes. The appearance of these ads can interfere with your creative video editing process, so it can be very difficult to create interesting videos and good content.

Key frame movement

Keyframe Animation is a frame where you can organize animations, gestures or movements to your liking. Through this frame, you can create animations to make videos more interesting.


There are many unlimited fonts that you can take advantage of in the premium version of Alight Motion. Fonts with different writing styles can certainly be included in the video you edited for the tower or simply give you a description of the message that will be successfully transmitted.

Color adjusion

This color adyjument feature can be used to give color effect to a viewer in the video you edited. This will make one video viewer a different color from the other.

Export many formats

With this feature, you can enter many file formats, so it doesn’t just apply to vector formats. Some fomats you can enter include jpeg, gif, PNG and many more.

Visual effect

You can add a variety of effects to the video view to make it more beautiful. Adding visual effects is also easy because you can’t create them manually. In this application there is already a visual effects template that can be added freely.

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The Pro version is superior because it provides video editing facilities without watermarks and ads. This means that the video you edit has copyright that will be good for brand purposes. Editing videos without ads is a luxury because your creativity will no longer be interrupted.

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