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In modern times as it is today, of course, almost everyone owns a social media account. One of the most commonly used social networks is Instagram. So now you can find an Instagram Mod app that can give you some advantages, compared to the original Instagram app.

Mod’s version of Instagram is not actually an app officially created by Instagram developers. It is an application created by developers, with the aim of getting users to get features or services that can not be found on the original Instagram before. So you can say that users of this mod app are very rare.

Instagram Mod Review

As described above, if Instagram Mod is an Instagram app, you have experienced development so there are many features in it. So you can do all sorts of things that users who only use the original Intagram application can do.

To use this Instagram editing app, your HP doesn’t need to be rooted first. However, you should also make sure that the Android operating system version used is already in version 4.0 or higher. If you are not meeting these requirements, hp cannot be used to install the modified version of the Instagram app.

Types and features of defense media on Instagram

Right now, there are several types of Instagram editing apps that can be found online. Some types of Instagram editing have their own features. Later you can choose one of the Instagram editing that fits everything you want. Well, here are some types of Instagram mod apps in addition to the features they bring.

1. Instaltra (Neminsta)

InstaUltra, also known as Nminsta, is a Mod App on Instagram created by Devloper Nairo Mix. One of the advantages of this mod app is that it can still be installed along with the original Instagram app. Some of the features brought by the mod instaultra app are as follows.

Support the use of IGTV features.
You can download photos and videos directly to Instagram posts.
Support video calls via Instagram.
You can upload stories to Instagram.
You can copy your friend’s profile descriptions or resumes.
You can copy the comments from another Instagram account.
A personalized Instagram view.
Hide while you look at a friend’s story.



2. GBinsta

Well, the next Instagram mod app is GBinsta. You could say that this Mod GBinsta is the most popular mid-Instagram bandigned app with other types of modification. One of the advantages of GBinsta is that it is a fairly light application. In addition, this modification also still has some features like the one below.

It can be installed with the original Instagram app.
IGTV support can be used to make video calls on Instagram.
You can download posts and stories on Instagram without the help of other apps or the web.
Copy the schedule and comments from others on Instagram.
You can change the look or theme in the Instagram app.
Security features are not blocked, making your account safer.
Friends can’t say if you’ve seen his story.


3. GBinsta Plus

You can say that GBinsta Plus is a competitor to the most popular Mod Instagram app, GBinsta. GBinsta Plus is the property of Antfas_hoax developer. In fact, the features brought by this Mod Instagram app, are not much different from the GBinsta Mod. But for more details, here are some features from GBinsta Plus Mod.

Supports video calls via Instagram.
Supports live IGTV viewing.
You can download stories, videos, and photos from other people’s Instagram accounts.
Use someone else’s biography by copying it.
Copy other people’s comments to an Instagram post.
Change the theme or view in the Instagram app.
Anti-contraband makes the account safer than forbidden.
It can’t be used with the original Instagram app.