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GB instagram all new features 2020 how to download gb instagram latest Version 2020

In modern times as it is today, of course, almost everyone owns a social media account. One of the most commonly used social networks is Instagram. So now you can find an Instagram Mod app that can give you some advantages, compared to the original Instagram app.

Mod’s version of Instagram is not actually an app officially created by Instagram developers. It is an application created by developers, with the aim of getting users to get features or services that can not be found on the original Instagram before. So you can say that users of this mod app are very rare.

Instagram Mod Review

As described above, if Instagram Mod is an Instagram app, you have experienced development so there are many features in it. So you can do all sorts of things that users who only use the original Intagram application can do.

To use this Instagram editing app, your HP doesn’t need to be rooted first. However, you should also make sure that the Android operating system version used is already in version 4.0 or higher. If you are not meeting these requirements, hp cannot be used to install the modified version of the Instagram app.

Types and features of defense media on Instagram

Right now, there are several types of Instagram editing apps that can be found online. Some types of Instagram editing have their own features. Later you can choose one of the Instagram editing that fits everything you want. Well, here are some types of Instagram mod apps in addition to the features they bring.

1. Instaltra (Neminsta)

InstaUltra, also known as Nminsta, is a Mod App on Instagram created by Devloper Nairo Mix. One of the advantages of this mod app is that it can still be installed along with the original Instagram app. Some of the features brought by the mod instaultra app are as follows.

Support the use of IGTV features.
You can download photos and videos directly to Instagram posts.
Support video calls via Instagram.
You can upload stories to Instagram.
You can copy your friend’s profile descriptions or resumes.
You can copy the comments from another Instagram account.
A personalized Instagram view.
Hide while you look at a friend’s story.



2. GBinsta

Well, the next Instagram mod app is GBinsta. You could say that this Mod GBinsta is the most popular mid-Instagram bandigned app with other types of modification. One of the advantages of GBinsta is that it is a fairly light application. In addition, this modification also still has some features like the one below.

It can be installed with the original Instagram app.
IGTV support can be used to make video calls on Instagram.
You can download posts and stories on Instagram without the help of other apps or the web.
Copy the schedule and comments from others on Instagram.
You can change the look or theme in the Instagram app.
Security features are not blocked, making your account safer.
Friends can’t say if you’ve seen his story.


3. GBinsta Plus

You can say that GBinsta Plus is a competitor to the most popular Mod Instagram app, GBinsta. GBinsta Plus is the property of Antfas_hoax developer. In fact, the features brought by this Mod Instagram app, are not much different from the GBinsta Mod. But for more details, here are some features from GBinsta Plus Mod.

Supports video calls via Instagram.
Supports live IGTV viewing.
You can download stories, videos, and photos from other people’s Instagram accounts.
Use someone else’s biography by copying it.
Copy other people’s comments to an Instagram post.
Change the theme or view in the Instagram app.
Anti-contraband makes the account safer than forbidden.
It can’t be used with the original Instagram app.



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Download WhatsaApp Mod New Fitur 2020

GBWhatsApp is the answer to questions about things that are not yet in the original WhatsApp. Let’s take a small example of the lack of subject change function, so the appearance of the app seems monotonous.

With GBWhatsApp, you can change themes very easily. Not only that, other interesting and interesting features are ready to use through mod settings that are already available.

Well, for those of you who would like to use this editing app, please read this article until it is done. I’m going to explain some important points you should know when using GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp features

This feature in GB WhatsApp has a fairly noticeable difference compared to the original Android WhatsApp. For more details, here are some comparisons between WhatsApp:


1.  Total sending documents in 1 times 100

2. Media size 50 MB 15 MB

3. Hide The Last View

4. Copy status

5. Share a PDF or text document

6. Language support

7. Send an empty message

8. Change the theme

This is a comparison between GB WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp. By looking at the details above, you can now select the whatsapp version you’ll use.

Download GBWhatsApp

Today, the GBWhatsApp (GBWA) version grows every day, similar to the rival WhatsApp Plus app. In the latest version, the features provided are also getting cooler, so there is no need to hesitate to use them.

Oh yes, although it has not been developed by GBMods Official since August 1, 2019, you will get regular updates because this app has been redirected by the next developer.

Well, here are some variants of the official GBWhatsApp that have been developed by new developers. Of course, the following applications are tested and can be used without problems. Please select as desired.

1. Fouad Mods ‘ GBWhatsApp

The enthusiasm of GBWhatsApp users from Fouad Mods (Fouad Mekdad) is actually very high. It is clear from the growing number of official members of the Telegram Group that were deliberately created to facilitate the upgrade process.

To be honest, I personally also really like to modify the Mod Team Fouad. Not without reason, not only interesting features, the released app is stable and minimal errors. So, we don’t have to worry about using it.

Oh yes, information only, the latest version of The Fouad Mods GBWhatsApp app is 8.45 (stable version). From its appearance, there is no doubt that it already uses user interface design.

Download Now

2. HeyMods GBWhatsApp

Another developer of GBWhatsApp that is at least up to date is HeyMods. By having a Telegram channel with tens of thousands of members, it can be explained if the modified app manages to attract many people.

As for this version of GBWhatsApp HeyMods, the latest version is 11.20.3 which is stable. In this way, usage will not be interrupted because the application contains minimal errors.

Like the previous GBWhatsApp app, the interesting features and appearance will also make your WhatsApp more successful. Are you interested in using it? Please download the app below.

Download Now

3. Sam Mods’ GBWhatsApp

Don’t rush too hard, there’s still a GBWhatsApp developer who has an army of hundreds of thousands in his Telegram collection. Yes, Sam Mods! Have you heard of him?

Among the users of modified applications, Sam Mods is known as a developer who often shares Mod applications. Not limited to WhatsApp, as other common apps often evolve.

For those of you who would like to try SAM Mods’ GBWhatsApp, please download it directly via the link below.

Download Now

4. GBMods GBWhatsApp

For those of you who have used GBWhatsApp for a long time, it may be a bit of a surprise to read the phrase “GBWhatsApp by GBMods”. Didn’t? The answer is because GBMods no longer develops GBWhatsApp.

As I mentioned earlier, the official GBWhatsApp has not been developed since 2019. I hope all loyal users can stay the same, that is, hopefully GBMods returns to GBWhatsApp again.

So, so far it has not been selected, we can not use GBWhatsApp by GBMods. But quietly, we can still use other versions of Fouad Mods, Himods, and Sam Mods Cook.

Of all the GB variants of WhatsApp above, please select the one you think is most convenient. Except for GB WhatsApp by GBMods yes because the application development has been stopped.

apk mod

Download PicSay Pro Apk Latest Free Photo Editor

Photo editing hobby? Or do you want the images to be more unique, cool and modern? You should try downloading PicSay Pro APK – the latest photo editor It’s one of those photo editing apps that come with a lot of features to make it cooler. Curious?

PicSay Pro Photo Editor includes a lightweight app that measures only 1.8 MB. This makes it suitable for use even on low-spec Android devices. In addition, it also comes with standard or advanced photo editing features.

PicSay has released two versions. The first is the app is free or free, the second version is Pro or Paid. All of Google Playstore can be found. Both versions also have several different types. One of them is v1.8.0.5.

Despite its small size, PicSay Pro Photo Editor has many of the most complete features of the original version. The app has a feature of features, one of which is crop photos, give effects or filters, give stickers on photos and many more.

How to download PicSay Pro APK Photo Editor

To be this app, you are required to download it in multiple service providers. How to:

1. Open the download link

Tab the link to download PisSay Pro Photo Editor New

Download Now

2. Look for blue download button

After opening the link above, look for the white text “Download Link below”, above the blue button that says “Without load.” Click the button until a new page or tab appears. Don’t get it wrong, because sometimes there are a lot of ads next to it.

3. Click “Allow” in the website notification.

Before going to the next stage, the site usually offers notifications in the form of “reject” and “allow” buttons. Click on “Let” if the site wants to send notifications on your Android smartphone device, to facilitate the next download.

4. Click the download link.

Look for a “picsay-pro-1-8-0-5” written on a new page or tab. Within the text, there will be a “Download” button (1.48 MB). The button will take you to the actual application file.

5. Wait until the app download is complete

Once the above stages are completed, the app will be downloaded to your device’s browser. Wait until the download is complete and make sure your Internet connection is in good and smooth condition. The Internet connection will disconnect and cause the file to be damaged.

How to install PicSay Pro APK Free Photo Editor

Before you can use it, you must install APK first


In order to install this photo editing app, you must first have the main APK first. Then simply click on the file and follow the step by step that has been taken.

2.Enable unknown sources

Some Android smartphones can not respond when installing applications, this is due to an unknown source. You have to enable it by opening Settings, then go to “Security” and check the “unknown source”.

3.Install aPK file

Follow the step-by-step app installation process of either the free or paid version. Wait until the installation process is turned on until it is completed. Then open picsay pro app v. and edit happy photos.

Features and uses picsay pro Photo Editor APK

This best app has many advantages that will make it easy for users to do editing. As:

1. Sharpen

The sensitivity of light when taking pictures sometimes makes the image look dimmer, so it should be sharpened first. The sharpening feature in PicSay Photo Editor Pro is used to solve the problem easily and further improve.

2. Soft

Have you ever seen a picture with a lot of noise? Don’t worry, this feature can solve this by eliminating the problem. As the name suggests, with the smooth image feature will be smoother, the noise will fade and disappear. However, it must be late and comprehensive.

3. Resizing

This resizing feature is useful if you want to reduce the size of the images. This is because some phones and cameras today produce larger than average images. Additionally, the size can also be adjusted according to your needs.

4. Trim

As the name suggests, this feature is definitely useful for cropping images. In addition, it is also a disturbing view breaking into your best photos. This cropping feature will not reduce the quality of the images that will be edited. However, the capacity is lower than before.

5. Poster

If you want to add decorations to an image, this feature brings out the fun effect. The posters provided are very diverse, ranging from cartoon shapes, objects around, writing and other cute shapes.

6. Cons/Exposure

This is intended to adjust the color balance of the image faces with the atmosphere around it. Normally, there are pictures of her colors on images that are not the same, impressed weight between the object and the atmosphere. When used, the colors in the image will be distributed more potably.

7. Blur

One of the features of PicSay Pro Photo Editor is that it is useful in blurring or fading some objects in images. It is usually most commonby by users after crop function. In addition, you can also create a bokeh effect like a DSLR camera.

8. Brightness

The following most commonly used feature is brightness. This is useful for illustrating images. You should have taken a picture with dark results and a dark object, didn’t you? Brightness can regulate sensitivity and saturation in light.

9. Insert an image

Tired of pictures alone? Don’t worry, with the image insert feature you can add photos or other photos to the pairing.

10. Impact

With effect or filters added to the image, your photos will get fresher and more interesting. PicSay also provides a variety of effects/features according to each user’s needs.

11. Turn

This feature is useful for changing rotation by rotating or rotating images. The rotation aims to determine the image of a vertical or horizontal type.

12. Red Eyes Repair

Taking pictures in a dark place can cause a person’s eyes (photographic objects) to appear red. This will definitely make the picture not great to see. This red-eye repair function can solve this. The eyes of the object in the image that was originally red will fade and appear dark.

13. Add Text

This feature is useful for adding text to images. Many people use it to add multiple subtitles. From motivational words, funny phrases or just adding name tags to pictures and so on.

Although you’re getting more and more photo editing apps, PicSay still steals hearts and is an option for many people. The app is lightweight and has a photo editing feature that is no less cooler than other applications and easy to use. This makes it attractive to some. And don’t forget to download PicSay Pro APK – photo editor post.

apk mod whatsapp

Download WhatsApp Mod New [UPDATE] 2020

Since 2009, WhatsApp has remained the best connection app to date. In Indonesia itself, major mobile phone applications are classified according to the number of active users, according to Digital Reports 2020.

Without being forced, WhatsApp has endless support features that will help its users communicate. Text messages, voice calls or videos cannot be used for free.

Over time, many users are tired of whatsapp’s built-in features. Fortunately, there are some third parties who have started to develop this app or better known as WhatsApp MOD.

What is WhatsApp Mod?

Therefore, whatsapp MOD or WA MOD acronyms are often a modified version of WhatsApp in a way that contains more complete features than the original version.

Not limited to chat-related features. Other features, such as changing the subject, downloading status, or updating the status of the video for more than 7 minutes in WhatsApp MOD, are also in use.

To learn more about WhatsApp MOD features, read the details below.

WhatsApp MOD features

The following table is a feature comparison between WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp.

WA Mod Features

Change whatsapp theme as you wish
WhatsApp download status
Download video status for up to 7 minutes
Text status characters up to 266 characters
Hide The Last View
Hide the situation online
Stay in touch
Schedule a message
Reply to messages automatically
Deleted messages
Hide status when typing
Hide the status when recording audio
Send files up to 701 MB
Send HD photos and videos

In general, WhatsApp MOD features like those in the table above. However, there are still many other interesting features that have not been written. So you can try it yourself.

Download WhatsApp MOD APK

Based on my experience when downloading WhatsApp MOD, the app download link tends to be hard to find or muter-muter unclear (many ads, pop-ups appear, etc.).

Download Now

So, I’m providing a solution to the problem with a direct link, so you can download the latest WhatsApp mod app easily and quickly.

apk mod

Download Alight Motion Pro 3.4.3 New Full

Alight Motion Pro is a video editing app developed by Creative Alight, Inc. this video editor application is included in the list of the most downloaded video editing apps in the Google Play Store, which has about 5 million downloads.

Alight Motion offers complete tools for video editing to make it better to watch. Easily, you just need an Android smartphone to edit videos easily and without any fuss. Therefore, now edit the video so that it does not have to be of the highest quality with the computer.

This app is particularly useful for those of you who are diligent in making videos and uploading them to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Just through mobile, the video will look perfect and will be loved by the many social media followers who manage it.

Alight Motion Pro Comprehensive Review

Today there are many sparse video editing apps, both for PC and Android versions. This is common because of the large number of social media platforms that allow their users to upload and share interesting videos of their daily lives.

Video editing apps are also required by both vloggers and youtubers so they can make good videos in terms of quality and content. You should know that the uploaded video is not raw, also known to have been edited in such a way that it looks perfect.

The above reasons why Alight Motion is present on Playstore by offering a variety of video editing tools that are complete and easy to use only using a smartphone. Yes, you just need to issue an Android 6.0 smartphone or newer instead of a Computer with God’s specifications.

Through this Alight Motion app, you can edit videos by applying audio effects, stickers, tex, GIFs and more. You can also merge multiple layers into one at a time to create beautiful and stunning videos, and contain good content.

There are many other features offered by Alight Motion, but in the free version there will be watermarks on modified videos. For some particularly professional people, the presence of this watermark is certainly contrary to the brand and copyright they want to build.

If you don’t want a watermark on the edited video, you can upgrade Alight Motion to Alight Motion Pro. Well, from this premium version you can remove watermarks feeling a lot of features that you can’t get in the free version.

Upgrading Alight Motion to the Pro version definitely requires you to sign up and pay some money. The good news is that there is now a motion Alight modification, so you can get premium features, no watermarks without having to pay some money.

Premium features in Alight Motion Pro

There’s no watermark.

The first feature of the professional version of The Alight Motion app is watermark-free. This watermark will appear in the video you edited with the original version of Alight Motion. Well, if you upgrade to the pro version, the video you edit will be free of watemark.

No ads

If you can, most people would expect that advertising to never be as interesting as your presentation. The good news is that, in the pro version of The Alight Movement, you won’t be bothered by the frequent appearances of ads. Therefore, video editing activities can be smooth and uninterrupted.

It’s different from the original Alight animation, which will download ads and can appear every few minutes. The appearance of these ads can interfere with your creative video editing process, so it can be very difficult to create interesting videos and good content.

Key frame movement

Keyframe Animation is a frame where you can organize animations, gestures or movements to your liking. Through this frame, you can create animations to make videos more interesting.


There are many unlimited fonts that you can take advantage of in the premium version of Alight Motion. Fonts with different writing styles can certainly be included in the video you edited for the tower or simply give you a description of the message that will be successfully transmitted.

Color adjusion

This color adyjument feature can be used to give color effect to a viewer in the video you edited. This will make one video viewer a different color from the other.

Export many formats

With this feature, you can enter many file formats, so it doesn’t just apply to vector formats. Some fomats you can enter include jpeg, gif, PNG and many more.

Visual effect

You can add a variety of effects to the video view to make it more beautiful. Adding visual effects is also easy because you can’t create them manually. In this application there is already a visual effects template that can be added freely.

Download Apk

The Pro version is superior because it provides video editing facilities without watermarks and ads. This means that the video you edit has copyright that will be good for brand purposes. Editing videos without ads is a luxury because your creativity will no longer be interrupted.

apk mod

Download InShot Pro Apk Mod Full Effect Without Watermark

Almost everything that was originally only possible using a computer, can now be completed using only a smartphone. As with video editing, there are already a lot of apps that you can use to edit videos with just a smartphone. For those of you who want to edit videos using smartphone, can download InShot pro mod apk full latest.

InShot pro is a photo editor as well as a video maker created to make everyone’s work easier. With this app, to create a beautiful work, you just need a smartphone. In fact, just by using this InShot pro mod app, you can easily create a work in the form of a video slideshow. Before heading to the download link, we discuss first about what InShot pro is and what’s inside the app.

What is The Latest InShot Pro Apk Mod FullPack?

InShot Pro is the best video editor app capable of delivering HD results. InShot also has hundreds of millions of active users spread across different parts of the world. All of that has been proven by the large number of users of this app. The latest InShot pro apk has been downloaded by approximately 100 million people through Google Playstore.

With this app, it’s easier to add music to a video and help you edit videos for some social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more. This application that is used to be the best video editor is also equipped with professional editing tools with very complete features.

Featured Features of InShot Pro Editor Full Effects, Filters, And No Watermarks

There are various features in the InShot pro mod version that you can enjoy. Here are some of the featured features of today’s most popular video editor apps.

Free Music Effects

There is one unique feature, which is that you can easily give various music effects that have been provided in this app for free. In addition, you can also import or add sound effects or music from your own android device.

Add Animated Stickers

Not only music that you can add, but here you can also add animated stickers to the video that is being edited. There are many unique types of stickers that you can use and some you can animate or make moves. The way is quite easy, just have to choose the desired movement animation. With features like this, it will certainly make the videos you edit more lively.

Create a Video Slideshow

InShot pro mod apk full unlocked provides features that you can use to create slide show videos. It’s not that hard to create, you only need a few photos or images that you can later combine using this feature. In addition, you can also add some transition effects as well as music.

Create a Meme Video

For meme lovers, in this cool app you can create unique memes in the form of videos and of course the results will be very cool. To beautify and bring the video to life, you can add funny character images and also color the right background.

Speed Settings

The next feature is that there is a setting to set a speed on the video. So, in this app, you can make videos faster or slower. Of course, you will be more free to bring creativity and emotional through the video.

No Watermark

Especially for this latest version of the InShot pro app there is no watermark that can interfere with the appearance of the video results. So you’ll still be able to export videos with clean results without the inshot logo watermark.

Download InShot Pro Editor Mod Apk Latest Version

Actually this app can be downloaded for free through google playstore, but of course there will be limited access to existing features. Even to upgrade to a premium member must pay in advance. But take it easy, you can download the latest version of the InShot pro mod full unlock app through the link provided below.

Download Now

Above is an active link that you can use to download this video editor app apk file. But for how to install this app on android is slightly different from the app in general. So, for those of you who are just using the mod version of android app for the first time, please check out the following steps to perform the installation smoothly.